Who Am I?

My Career

Since the late 1990s, I've worked with data. Analyzing, querying, manipulating, and modeling data. I graduated with an accounting degree from Brigham Young University and also studied information systems. I focused my earliest professional efforts on conducting fraud investigations and litigation-related data analysis. 

My early focus in fraud-related data work exposed me to the world of computer forensics, and in 2000, I became more involved in that exciting field. 

Through the years, I have applied forensic principles to my projects, and I bring database technologies and knowledge to computer forensics. This combination spawned additional work in electronic discovery and the process, integration, and reporting challenges from that industry.

My Interests

Data, obviously. More specifically, I enjoy the challenge of using data to solve problems and answer questions.  

Beyond my professional interests, I enjoy cycling, bbq, photography, and a few other pursuits. I have a wonderful family and am active in my Church.